Unnatural Creatures

Since there’s still no wifi set up at the new place, my attention span has gone way up, and I’ve been working on my very large reading list. I just finished up Donna Tartt’s The Secret History a few days ago (just amazing!), so I had to find another one quickly.

I’ve been wandering my way through Neil Gaiman’s repertoire (not in any specific order), and I managed to get my hands on his collection of his favorite short stories that involve creepy and unsettling creatures, aptly named Unnatural Creatures. I admire everything Gaiman does, and while only one of the stories was penned by him, I knew I had to read it.

So here is my ranking of the stories from my favorite to least favorite. The nice thing about having such a collection is that there’s a little bit of this and that, and there’s probably at least one story that each reader will cling to. So please take this at face value and read the book for yourself if you haven’t already! So good.

  1. The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees
  2. Moveable Beast
  3. The Cockatoucan; or, Great Aunt Willoughby
  4. … (the title of this one doesn’t translate to text and is also unpronounceable, but if you read the book, you’ll know why!)
  5. The Smile on the Face
  6. The Griffin and the Minor Cannon
  7. Come Lady Death
  8. Or All the Seas with Oysters
  9. Ozioma the Wicked
  10. Prismatica
  11. The Flight of the Horse
  12. Gabriel-Ernest
  13. The Manticore, the Mermaid, and Me
  14. The Compleat Werewolf
  15. Sunbird
  16. The Sage of Theare

The first 5 are my most favorite ones, and they were hard to rank. The last 3 I couldn’t make myself read all the way through, either due to the writing style or the sentence structures. But I know that someone definitely loves them!

If you read the book, let me know what you think!