Greek Fest

Every September, the local Greek Orthodox Church puts on a Greek Festival. It’s pretty small compared to other cities, I’m sure, but the one here in Knoxville holds a special place in my heart. One of my old friends from high school and his family is always involved with the traditional dances. And I’ve volunteered there myself doing the face painting. 

A few years ago, the church building itself burned, and they lost many of their relics and handcrafted mosaics – the ceiling was the most severe loss, the whole thing being a large mosaic piece done by hand. 

I’ve loved seeing the city come together to support this community, and as the years go on, the funds from this festival have helped support the repairs of this church building. 

Not to mention, it’s just a lot of fun. 

All of the dads and sons are out grilling lamb and chicken for the gyros, and all the grandmothers are insides selling their homemade treats (tha baklava is to die for).


My family has gone almost every single year, and since I missed last year, I was really looking forward to going again. And it definitely didn’t disappoint! 


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