Market Day

Saturdays downtown are my favorite. As the farmers market season is coming to a close, we’re doing our best to show up as often as we can and invest in the local families who grow this beautiful food. Our favorite finds from last Saturday were some purple tomatoes (sweet and flavorful without being too sharp) and some okra (I haven’t tried them yet, but the boyfriend approves). I also found a big bouquet of flowers for myself, and the boyfriend purchased a small potted English thyme plant to add to our patio garden. 

We spent the rest of the day cleaning up the apartment, and then we went to Clinton with my mom to browse through their antique stores. Some are better (more relevant and less pretentious) than others, but if you look hard enough, there’s usually something for everybody. 

I walked away with a handful of old photographs, some from as early as 1912 and others from WWII. I love these things that I can hold in my hands, knowing they once belonged to someone else, knowing that they’ve found a home again. 

The last part of the day, the boyfriend and I drove into this old historic neighborhood here because they have a beautiful park down by the river that makes for a great evening walk. As we walked along the trails, we were greeted by lots of happy dogs and their owners, and we got to enjoy the sunset lowering over the calm of the water. At one point, we even saw a man take off on his parasail which was amazing. Once again, it was a Saturday well spent. 


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