[This post was originally written on September 30, 2013.]

There’s something beautiful about humans. We’re so resilient and complex, but we can be so fragile, too. It’s amazing how there are countless, convoluted layers of ideas and memories and pain and contentment all wrapped up in this thin, tenuous skin.

Sometimes, we carry memories around with us for years because we think they bring us comfort when they only drag us down, but it’s all we know, and letting go is the most basic form of vulnerability. And that is terrifying.

Humans are also creatures of habit. We go to the same restaurant and order the same things. And we don’t like to change our morning routines. If our toothbrush is on the opposite side of the sink, it throws us completely off balance.

But we have this strange capacity for love. When the right, or even the wrong, person comes along, we allow (some more quickly than others) them into our hearts. We don’t even care how much it might hurt when they leave because we always expect that the leaving part will never happen. That’s just what we do. We expose the most tender part of ourselves hoping that another will do the same for us.

Humans are beautiful because we are hopeful.  What is more inspiring than that?

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